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Welcome to my Blog!!

Hello All,

Let me first start off by saying, THANK YOU for even clicking on this post to read it. I was a bit hesitant to start a blog because you really have to put yourself out there and be open to criticism. So without further ado…

Hi, my name is Tacia ( pronounced Tah-See-Ah ) and I’m the founder and awesome creator of this blog¬† I’m 30 years old and I live here in the great and super cold right now state of Michigan. I’ve been a crocheter/maker for well over 10 years and have loved every single minute of it. I have made countless baby clothes, mittens, hats, baby blankets, scarves, and anything else I could concoct in my head. I love crocheting, crafting and occasionally knitting. I’m always looking for the inspiration and ideas for my next project(s) and I have been known to have more than 5 projects going and somehow some way I finish them all at the same time even though I pick them up at different times.

So in the coming months I have some¬† (what I think are pretty great) projects I’ll be blogging about because I’m in the process of moving!! I will be decorating my bedroom, craft area and making holiday crafts as well. I hope you all will come back to see what I’m up to and I look forward to having you all around.



P.S.- Want to know what I’m currently crocheting or what I’ve posted to my Etsy for sale head over to my instagram @joannascrochet.



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