My Experience participating in my first CAL (Crochet Along)

Hello All,

It’s been one heck of a summer for me. I traveled out of the country and was super busy at work so I’ve been gone from my blog for quite some time. I had originally put myself on an unrealistic schedule for writing up blog posts but things got really busy really quickly and have just now started to calm down. In fact, it calmed down enough for me to participate in my very first CROCHET ALONG!!

I’ve always wanted to participate in a crochet along or CAL for short but nothing ever peeked my interest. That was until Toni from TL Yarn Crafts announced that she was having a crochet along for her Coles River Kerchief. When she announced that I knew I had to participate in it. My vacation was over I had come back to work and settled back into my rhythm and I had also stopped taking orders for the summer, so this event couldn’t have come at a better time.

I basically stalked her Instagram stories and feed along with my email for the sign up date and once she announced the registration date I actually put it in my calendar. I only put things that I need to remember like due date for bills, doctors appointments, meetings and other things that I deem important. So if you or your event makes my calendar, it’s a big deal.

When the day came to register, I was literally sitting in my car at 7 something in the morning waiting for it to launch. As soon as I got the email I followed the link and registered right away. It was a Friday so I was super stoked and was in a great mood because I had something awesome to look forward to. I was so impatient waiting for this event to start you guys I ended up making a amigurumi unicorn for one of the doctors that I work with 1 year old daughter. That kept my hands busy for all of 2 days and I’m happy to report that she loves it and actually sleeps with it (how cute is that!?!).

So as the labor day weekend approached I was really antsy.

1. I’d never participated in a crochet along before.

2. I didn’t know how challenging it was going to be.

3. Even though I’ve been crocheting for years, I’m still fairly new to the online maker community and quite frankly it can be a bit daunting.

With all of that came great anxiety and I just had to calm myself down and believe that this was going to be a positive experience.

You guys it was one of the most positive experiences I never knew I could have with makers that I’ve never met. The positivity of this groups of makers was amazing. When some one had any issue we were all there to help one another. Everyone’s hard work paid off and is still paying off.

The best part about this CAL and any CAL is that you can work at your own pace. I tend to work super fast on projects that I’m excited to see what they look like and wear. So I ended up finishing mine in about a week using this beautiful dusty rose colored yarn.

I loved making this Kerchief so much I actually made another in red.

This is unblocked. I will be blocking it soon.

I’m currently working on my third and will eventually make another as a Christmas gift this year.

Until next time,

-Tacia ,founder and creater of JoAnnas Crochet


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