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Mini review of the new Bernat Velvet Yarn and Scrunchies!!

Hello All,

Hope all has been well with you. I’ve been so busy with orders and and pattern testing that other than the Coles river Kerchief that I posted about, I haven’t really had the time to blog. Well today I’m blogging about this obsession that I have with the new velvet yarn that Bernat has put out. When I tell you that I was so excited when I saw this yarn at my local Michael’s, I actually bought it just because of how soft it is. I know it’s crazy but if you haven’t felt this yarn yet, go to your local JoAnn’s or Michael’s and just stand there and feel it. When you do you’ll undetstand why I bought it without doing any research on it online before buying it. You get a pretty generous amount of yarn in the skein (315 yards) for it to be a bulky weight yarn. It is a dream to work with also. It glides over my crochet hook like butter. I do use metal hooks so I’m unsure how it will do working with plastic or wooden hooks, but my metal Boye and Susan Bates hooks work beautifully with it. I will say though if you’re not paying attention you will miss a stitch, so I would suggest using stitch markers with this yarn if you’re making a bigger project.

I chose start small with this yarn just to see how well i could work with it. I had been seeing scrunchies everyhwhere and even on some makers that I follow on social media and thought that they were really cute. It brought me back to my childhood and growing up in the 90’s with the scruchies, slouch socks, doc martens, and sweater dresses…lol So sitting at work on my lunch break one day I decided to make one. I couldn’t find a pattern and to be honest you don’t really need one if you know basic crochet stitches. It took me about 15 minutes to make and I ended up giving the first (prototype) scrunchie I made to my coworker. I knew that I wasn’t going to use it anytime soon and that I could make myself a ton of them if I wanted to.

I ended up making the scrunchie posted above in the car while sitting in the parking lot at the dentist office. I wrote the pattern up for it on my phone and made about 3 just to see if they came out the same and it did (yay for getting simple math right!!). So if you want to make yourself one the pattern is live in my ravelry shop. I know market prep are in full affect for makers right now with craft shows starting this weekend. I wanted to contribute something that I think is really cute and easy to make. I will be posting a pattern for another hair scrunchie using regular worseted weight yarn in the coming week. These are going to be great for stocking stuffers this year and I can’t wait .

Until next,



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