Hello Spring!!

Hello Everyone,

It’s officially Spring and with that comes the warmer weather we so desperately have been needing and wanting here in Michigan. Even though it is Springtime, we’re still having those wintery days here where you need to still wear a hat. That’s how the “Iris Spring Beanie” was born.

I was looking through my crochet stitch bible as I do when I need stitch inspiration and came across the Iris stitch. I thought to myself, ” What would I make out of it?” then the beanie pattern came to me. This beanie is made with dk weight yarn (size 3) and is light enough to wear on warmer days because of the stitches being airy and yet it will still keep your head nice a warm on those cooler Spring days. I’m also obsessed with slouchy beanies lately and this one has been giving me the all of the slouchy beanie feels.

This is my first pattern for the Spring/Summer time and I can’t wait to share some more goodies I have planned. You can grab you copy from my Ravelry shop here.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy making this beanie as much as I did.

If you have any problems with the pattern please email me at

-Tacia (founder and maker of Joanna’s Crochet)

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