Lost your Crojo? Here’s 5 tips to help you get it back!

Hello All,

Have you ever found yourself in a funk when it came to crochet? Like you didn’t have any inspiration to create or even look at your hooks? I know I’ve been there many times and these are some of the tips and tricks I used to get my crojo back.

5 Tips on How to get your Crojo Back

1. Get Out and Get Inspired!!

When I lose interest in crocheting I always go out either in my neighborhood, community gardens, textile shops and even just taking a walk on my lunch break at work to get inspiration.

I was walking one day at work by a building that I pass all of the time and got inspiration for an upcoming project that I’m designing.

You never know what can inspire you to create. Trust me, this is my go to thing to do and it always works like a charm.2

2. Let Others Inspire You!!

By this I mean we all have craft , diy, crochet and knit bloggers/blogs that we love. Let them inspire you. Now I’m not saying copy them and their pattern (that’s a big NO NO!!) but get inspired by them. Maybe they created an interesting shape or used a color palette that you just died over. Find a way to let that get your juices flowing and see where it takes you.

3. Pinterest!!

I know for some Pinterest can be super overwhelming. Sitting at your computer, tablet or phone sifting through thousands upon thousands of pins can be very daunting.

My tip to not letting it overwhelm you is to Be Specific!!

When typing into the search bar, type in exactly what you’re looking for. I’m always looking at different pictures of textiles, landscape photography and color palettes to get my inspiration. I can’t tell you how many times looking through different pins especially landscape photography has inspired me.

4. Visit your local yarn shops events or Join a local Sip’n’Stitch Group

You’ll be amazed how being around others that share the same passion for your craft can help you. I suggest researching the local yarn shops in your area to see what events they have going on. This way you can support small business owners and get to look and buy some really nice fibers from Indie yarn dyers and get inspiration from the projects that have on display in the shop.

Also, you can join a local Sip’n’Stitch group if you don’t want to go to events where you know no one. This idea has my name written all over it!! I joined a local sip’n’stitch in my area and though I don’t always have the free time to attend them , it’s so awesome to be surrounded by people who you can complain to about that fact that you missed a repeat and had to frog 20 rows of your project…lol

Don’t have a local sip’n’stitch group to join? Create one yourself! I’m sure you belong to at least one group on Facebook or Instgram that has members that live in your area. Ask them if they want to meet up at local coffee shop or library that has private rooms you can book for your group meetings. Also, try small local restaurants. They will love the extra business they get from your group but do call and inquire if choosing this option.

If you don’t want to meet in person you can also start and Instagram Pod with other makers.

Both ideas have there perks. You get to meet new people and have a couple of hours to yourself. This is also considered as SELFCARE!! Us makers tend to not do this for ourselves.

5. Don’t take on too many projects!!

I know for some this is how they make a living to support their families and for others (like me) it’s a side business that we one day dream of it becoming our full-time job. You can’t run on empty! It’s not healthy for your mental or physical health.

Trust me I know it’ll be hard in the beginning but you’ll love yourself even more for putting yourself first.

I know that there are so many patterns that you want to make and if you’re a designer you get all of these ideas that you start all at once. Before you know it you have 5 wips going on at the same time and you overwhelm yourself when you look at them and they never get finished or they sit there in a closet for months or even years before you finish them.

If you have big markets that your prepping for for months or you’re working on a lot of comissions (I used to have this problem in the past) just take some time after everything is done and rest. I can’t stress this enough. Stress can really take a toll on your body and it’ll make it that much harder to get out of your funk.

So in conclusion, get out, get inspired and rest.

Until next time Makers,

Tacia, Maker and Founder behind Joanna’s Crochet

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