Free Crochet Pattern: Allegro Beanie

Hello Everyone!!

Today I’m coming to you with something special… a new crochet pattern. There’s a story behind how this beanie pattern came along. If you follow me on Instagram you would’ve seen the process of me trying to take on the challenge that my mom gave me.

My mom… she crochets and has been doing it more and more since she’s had time off of work. She’ll show me different things that she wanted to make and also things that she did make. Actually she crocheted my niece, nephews and my aunt scarfs and hats as Christmas gifts and everyone loved them. So as Christmas pasted she wanted to make other things like a hat, the only problem is she can’t really do the magic ring method which she really wanted to make a hat with but it just wasn’t working for her.

This is how I came up with this pattern so she can make a top down hat. It’s construction is a bit different than most maker’s might be used to starting a hat. I was hoping that I could make a pattern for her that she could follow without asking me any questions and I think I succeeded.

Can you spot how it’s constructed?

I sat for a few days with my pen and notepad to try and come up with ideas on it’s construction. Then I thought about how when creating any other makes we chain and then work over the tail so that we can pull it to cinch the hole closed and that’s exactly how this hat is constructed. In the pattern you make a certain amount of chains and then slip stitch to make a ring. After you’ve made the ring you’ll be working in rows and then slip stitching into the ring but making sure you crochet over the tail.

Scroll down for pattern download …

It’s a simple idea that many makers no matter what you’re skill level is can follow and can we talk about this gorgeous yarn also. I have a yarn review up on my blog giving you all of the details and my opinions on this yarn but I’ll tell you right now that I have almost every colorway of Lion Brand Cobblestone yarn. This yarn was the absolute perfect yarn for this pattern. The yarn had to have a certain give to it in order for the beanie to fit the way I wanted it to when you fold the brim up. I did make an another beanie with Lion Brand Heartland yarn and I also used a different stitch. I came out slouchier and smaller but that’s just the nature of the stitch that I used for that one.

Speaking about stitches… this beanie uses the half double crochet through the back loop only or hdcblo. It’s a simple stitch and an easy stitch but it give such a great visual effect to any project you make. It reminds me of 2 by 2 knit ribbing and this beanie is super warm as well. I’m not a beanie person but I totally see myself wearing this when the weather here in Michigan actually turns to winter.

Seaming beanie closed

Now seaming this beanie closed is the easiest thing you can do has far as making it. You’ll just be mattress stitching it closed as the picture above shows. You can seam up the back however you would like but I like that effect that the mattress stitch gives to the seam. I like it when things look a little more rustic or handmade, maybe it’s the Michigander in me. Then to close the top, you’ll just pull the tail that you crocheted over and whip stitch the top closed and weave in all of your ends and then you’re done.

I personally didn’t add a pom pom to the top of mine because I felt with the yarn selection it might be too much visually to look at but you could totally add one if you want. I would suggest using the sew on snaps or sewing a cute wooden button that has you name on it or just a plain wooden button would be just as great looking.

You can click below to download the pattern.

P.S.- Don’t forget to tag me on social media with the #allegrobeanie and #joannascrochet. I’d love to see your beanies.

Until next time… Happy Making!!

Tacia, Maker and Founder of Joanna’s Crochet


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