My experience at my first Craft Show!!

Hello All,

It’s been a while since I posted my first blog. It actually feels like forever… geesh. I have officially moved house and it’s taking a long time to get everything in order. It really didn’t help that I moved right around the holidays and  the chaos of trying to unpack boxes still gives me anxiety. Now that things have calmed down just a little, I think I have my blogging schedule down from here on out. I had to buy a planner, something that I never thought I would ever have to do, and it freaked me out at how fast it filled up with events, appointments, due dates for commissioned crochet items that people have ordered and also my blogging schedule.

So without further adieu, here is my story about my first Craft Show…

The event was on November 19th  and I moved November 20th-21st. Yep, that was my life. I already had some things crocheted because I was officially going to open my Etsy shop and when my godmother texted me and told me that I should do the craft show I was very hesitant. Oh yeah, she texted me this Novemeber 12th at 6:00a on a Sunday Morning. It took me two days of sheer panic to make up my mind. I talked to just about everyone at work, home and friends to get their opinions on whether or not I should do it and everyone said, “Yes!! Do It!!!”. So I paid the $25 vendor fee and went for it.

As the date got closer and closer I got more panicky. I’m a very introverted person and the thought of having to have face to face contact with people gave me anxiety. I kept second guessing myself and the things that I had made. Were they good enough? Will people want to buy these things? Are my prices high enough to make a profit? If I sell out, do I just pack up and go or stay and do what? These were the many things that were going through my head and it just wouldn’t turn off. I was terrified of the whole thing. Everyone wished me lots of  luck and gave me loads of encouragement and pretty much sent me on my way.

The day had come (insert dramatic music and a picture of me as pale as can be) and I woke up super early that morning. I tried to eat breakfast and I managed to get a banana down. I kept going through all of my items that I had packed away for what reason I have no idea. They hadn’t changed at all and all the nerves that I had were literally in my throat. So, I packed up my truck and went on my merry way.

When I got there I was happily surprised that the space wasn’t that large and the tables weren’t too big. One of my fears was that I wouldn’t have enough product to fill the table and it would look like I didn’t prepare enough. I actually had just the right amount of items and thankfully my brother was with me and he helped me with the placement of my items. I set up my table and waited for people to start showing up.

As, I sat there I took one of my Instgram friends and encourager (if that’s a word…lol) @opalandpine (she does amazing crochet work by the way) advice and took some yarn and hooks with me. Thank goodness I took her advice because it was kind of boring for the first hour I was there ( the event started at 1:00pm). I had my brother there to talk to and some of the vendors that I was stationed by, but I still a tad bit boring. They served food and wine which was nice, but I was way too nervous to eat anything and I also didn’t want to be in the middle of eating a piece of cheese or something and a customer walked up. I just grabbed a few bottles of water and sat behind my table. After about an hour I started to get nervous that not that many people knew about the event but boy was I wrong. All of a sudden an influx of people came into the event. I had everything ready, my bags, tissue paper and inserts with all of my social media info. At this point I was ready for my first customer and about 5 minutes later I got one. Now my first transaction didn’t go as gracefully as I had hoped, I fumbled a lot and just knew I had to get out of my introvert box and jump into my extroverted business woman box.

About 15 minutes after my first successful but very awkward first sale, I got another sale. YAY ME!!! From there I sold all of my earwarmers, 2 hat and scarf sets, 2 hats and also got 4 custom orders as well. Not bad for my first time at a craft show. After about 3 hours, the event was over. I packed up what I had left over and patted myself on the back for putting myself out there and believing in myself and talent.

All in all, I had a wonderful time. Met some great people and laughed the stress that I had from moving away while I was there as well. Now onto the questions that everyone has asked me since the event…. “Will I do it again?“. My answer is Yes. I would definitely give myself more time to prepare, I just got lucky that I already had things crocheted and ready to go. I also know what items sell more than others and that you will always need someone with you. Not just for help but also for moral support and to keep you from looking bored when things are slow. Below are some of the pictures I took of my table and all of my goodies that made.

Until next time… Many thanks and Happy Holidays!!

P.S.- Don’t forget to follow my Instagram page @joannascrochet for what I’m making and don’t be afraid to message me. I’m new to blogging and I’m positive that it will only get better from here.



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