Designing My First Scarf Pattern

Hello  All,

  It’s been a few weeks since I wrote a blog post. I’ve been busy with orders and was actually taking a break from social media all together for a bit.

In that time I designed my first scarf pattern…actually it’s a cowl. I made the cowl in the picture above last year around this time at 1:00a because of how cold my office gets.  I wore it the next day and I can say it kept me so warm and I got a lot of compliments on it as well.

My office selfie of me wearing my Cowl. I took the picture before anyone was at work and all of the lights were off.

So fast forward to this year and the freakishly early cold snap we got here in Michigan. I had to pull it out of closet again and I can definitely say it held up. I got so many compliments and orders for just by walking around with it on. So while crocheting the orders I got I decided to create a pattern for it as well. I’m new to the pattern writing game. I’ve tested numerous patterns for other designers but never really had the nerve to actually create a pattern until I got may hands on the Bernat velvet yarn and I created my velvet scrunchie pattern .

 While I was typing up the pattern I had the most difficult time trying to come up with a name for it. I don’t know how crochet designers come up with all of the names they do for their patterns. I tip my hat to them because this was nerve racking. After I was done getting everything together the name popped into my head.

 So after thinking about it the” Delaney Cowl” was named. I named it after my coworker because she’s been very encouraging during the whole process of me finally adding items to my etsy shop. It’s very scary to put yourself out there and I’ve been kind of hesitant to do so for so long and now. I’m happy to say that I’m actually shedding my fears of the unknown and just putting positivity and good vibes that everything will work out in the end. 

The Delaney Cowl

Me wearing my “Prototype”

The pattern is live in my Ravelry Shop!! It is perfect for the holiday craft fairs and markets. It works up in less than and hour and that’s with making the drawstring and the pom poms. I’ve been known to make 2 in about an hour. I used Lion Brand Hometown USA to create it but you can use and super bulky yarn you want.

I hope you all enjoy this holiday season and enjoy making.

Until next time…


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